Some of the highlights from Cary’s high-tech career include:

  • Principal Electrical Engineer at (IV Lab) where I led a team conducting applied machine-learning research using convolutional neural networks (CNN) with GPU clusters to develop AI architectures specific to disease diagnosis with high sensitivity/specificity. Established and matured a state-of-the-art R&D electronics lab to build and test innovative electronic and embedded software solutions that focus on global health issues in the developing world and open problems in high tech fields.(Pacific Standard Magazine (Aug 2017): Engineering the End of Malaria – Interview by Julian Smith), (IEEE Spectrum (May 2017): AI Medicine Comes to Africa’s Rural Clinic).
  • Lead systems engineer for crew capsule development at (Blue Origin) where I defined and created technical requirements, system baseline configurations, concept of operations for sub-orbital launches, launch timelines, on-board software architecture and vehicle mass properties. The Crew Capsule, with its signature six gigantic windows, walk-in hatch, and two-fault safe design, enjoys a perfect track record of successful test flights including a time-critical pad escape test, a stressing max-Q escape test, and a recent CC2.0 maiden flight.
  • Optimization engineer at ( where I developed and deployed two successful initiatives: Created adaptive self-learning algorithms for reducing packaging errors by identifying packaging errors from shipping weight and expected contents. Defined new box sizes and shapes to reduce corrugate and shipping costs.
  • Electrical design engineer at Motorola Space Electronics Division (now part of General Dynamics) where I developed and tested advanced low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites and ECCM air-borne radars.

I received my PhD and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Arizona State University and my BS in electrical engineering from University of Wyoming.

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